What Is Onsite I.T Support?

What Is Onsite I.T Support?

Those who have regular run-ins with technology will know all about onsite I.T support, however if you have been technology-blessed enough to not require any external assistance from an I.T support company you may not be so familiar with the concept.

So, what is an onsite I.T support service?

Basically, an onsite I.T support service is a service that assists home users and businesses clients with their technology needs. This can include anything from setting up a new computer to fixing an old one. The service is usually provided by a company that specialises in I.T support. Perhaps a… Super Geek.

After booking an appointment, a technician would attend your home or workplace to diagnose and resolve any I.T issues you may be experiencing. More often than not, these can generally be resolved on the day, though on some occasions for more advanced technological needs or when specific hardware is required, a return appointment may need to be arranged to complete the service.

Alright, what can be fixed at an onsite I.T support appointment?

If its broke, we know the cure! Technology wise that is…  if your car won’t start we probably can’t help with that. Though some of our Super Geeks are multifaceted… we just stick to what we live and breathe – Technology! That may include: Computer start up issues, Wi-Fi connection difficulties and optimisation, software and driver assistance, hardware upgrades, mobile phone and tablet software help, general user guidance, printer and other device install or troubleshooting, system security and antivirus protection and of course home and business email! 

When would you need onsite I.T support?

You may never need this type of support, you may need it bi weekly or once every 6-12 months just to give your system a check over, clean up and ensure it is running as well as it can be. If your computer won’t turn on or you suddenly cannot connect to your Wi-Fi, that’s usually when you may need onsite IT support. This type of support can help you troubleshoot and repair your computer and any other hardware or connection issues you may be experiencing.

If you aren’t sure whether you need onsite I.T support or if it is something a technician can assist with, you can always contact an I.T support company to ask for advice. A professional company will be able to chat with you, assess your problem, and advise the best process to solving your issue.

All in all..

An onsite IT support service can save you time, money and yourself from pulling your hair out!. With an onsite I.T support service, you can get the help you need, when you need it without having to unplug your devices and drive to a store only to return home and realise you can’t remember which cable plugged in where! Whether you are a general home user or a small to medium business, everyone can benefit from an onsite I.T support service! Call us today on 13GEEK (13 4335) or book a SuperGeek online https://book.13geek.com.au/

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