Spring Clean Your Tech

Spring Clean Your Tech

As you would your house to keep it clean or your car to ensure it’s running well, regular maintenance extends to your technology as well. In doing so your systems should stay quick, responsive and free of (digital) clutter!

Now, we’re not talking just a wipe down of the keyboard or screen (though we do encourage this from time to time!), rather inside the system itself – apps, files, folders and other data which may be unnecessarily taking up space and potentially causing your system to run subpar.

Here’s exactly what we’re meaning.

Clearing (Digital) Clutter

Inevitably with modern day technology usage, junk files will accumulate… Whether you have found yourself with 10 pages of apps on your phone or only 10GB of storage left on your PC or a desktop full of icons, it happens. Don’t stress – a good clear out can help free your device of some space!

If you have the time, you can manually clear out items like files or photos you may no longer require. There are however a few programs for Windows and macOS which can assist in a system clean out, taking care of temporary files generated by the operating system or apps and more. If you are confident in doing so, such programs as CCleaner is a good option for both Windows and macOS.

Browser Bathe

Many of us spend a lot of time browsing the Internet and over time your web browsers can build up with all sorts of digital junk that are not really needed.  It’s a good idea to clear your browsing data, cookies and history every so often. As mentioned above, a cleaning program may assist in removing this junk though each browser will have options to clear cache and cookies. Depending on the browser they will generally be found under Settings/Preferences – Security & Privacy – Clear Data.

System Sweep

Avoid masses of shortcuts and files cluttering your desktop; organising your files and folders not only makes them easier to locate but also means less work for your operating system. Regular organisation also helps to clear out any unwanted apps or files and folders that are no longer required and may be taking up storage space.

Cloud based services or external hard drives may be an option for those with a lot of files, allowing more local storage space and lessening the load on the operating system.

Device Dusting

Frequent exterior dusting of desktops and laptops not only keep them looking spick and span but can aid in deterring dust build up internally. Water is never recommended to use on electrical devices (for obvious reasons) but also as it can cause corrosion of any metal parts in the long run. Simply use a microfibre cloth for the externals and a cotton swab if you’re really getting down and dirty. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol may be used to lightly dampen the microfibre cloth for any gunk build up.

If this has inspired you to spring clean your tech – fantastic! If you are already a regular in the above – even better! If you are not sure where to start – never fear, SuperGeek is here!

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