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It seems you’re interested in becoming a SuperGeek franchisee, which means you’re smart…a people person with solid I.T skills, willing to roll up your sleeves, not afraid of long hours and hard work, especially if it gets you to where you what to be. These are the qualities required to become a SuperGeek.

On your journey to become a SuperGeek franchisee you’ll experience personal growth and gain business skills that you’ll find invaluable. As you embark on this journey you’ll have the guidance of our proven SuperGeek franchisee training model, plus all the support and combined knowledge we can offer on a local and national level.

This is obviously a big decision, so keep reading to discover the opportunity of a lifetime.

A SuperGeek franchise is a proven business model, in fact the majority of our vans are owned and operated by local franchisees. The care we take in recruiting, screening, training, developing and retaining qualified franchisees has been integral to both our own and our franchisees’ growth and success.

It is a fantastic opportunity, but it is after all only that, an opportunity. It is also hard work and not everyone’s cup of tea. So, we think it’s best to be upfront and give you all the facts so that you can decide for yourself.

The upside

What are the benefits and opportunities?

You own the business: We give you the brand, system, tools and support at both a local and national level to help make your business a success.

Personal satisfaction: Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping people on a daily basis, from your customers, to your local community. Many of our franchise owners have made an impact on a local level with our brand.

Contribution: At SuperGeek we realise that we do not have a monopoly on intelligence and great ideas. Our franchisees have contributed greatly in our systems evolving and becoming what they are today. Your contribution is not only welcome but encouraged.

Growth and experience: The personal growth and business knowledge you’ll achieve is impossible to define with words. If you have always dreamed of enjoying the freedom of owning your own business and controlling your own destiny then this will be the journey of your life.

Do you have what it takes?

SuperGeek will be your only business. You cannot work anywhere else except at SuperGeek and you’ve got to be prepared to make an investment of hard work and long hours to reach success.

  • You’re able to commit to our future franchisee training program for a minimum of 6 months. The training program is full-time and paid.
  • You’re able to make a significant financial investment – upwards of $140,000.00 is required.
  • You’re looking to make a 10 year commitment.
  • You currently have or have had a successful business or career, demonstrated significant team leadership and above all love people and learning new skills.
  • You are able to become an integral part of your community as a service provider, local business leader and an advocate of the SuperGeek brand.
  • You’re energetic and take a hands-on approach.

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