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Cloud Backup

Everyone knows that you should be backing up your data, but that unfortunately doesn’t translate into everyone regularly doing it. The reason for this is pretty simple, it’s a chore, it’s not fun to do and it’s easy to ignore, as the consequences of yo …

Book of Passwords

Trying to remember all your passwords can be near impossible, especially if you’ve followed the password security protocol of not using the same password for every account. Given all the online services these days your number of passwords can easily be …

Do you Backup your Computer?

Ask yourself, do you backup your data all the time, sometimes or never have time? Then ask yourself how well do you back it up, once, twice, thrice? If you just got indignant that we would ask such a silly question, because obviously you backup all the …

Who is SuperWebGeek Man?

Little is know about his origin, but there are a few stories floating about. One claims that he received his powers when as a mild mannered computer technician he was hit by gamma rays when a nuclear powered internet server exploded while he was workin …

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