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Who is SuperWebGeek Man?

Little is know about his origin, but there are a few stories floating about. One claims that he received his powers when as a mild mannered computer technician he was hit by gamma rays when a nuclear powered internet server exploded while he was workin …

Do you trust the internet?

One simple question, do you trust the internet? It can be hard to answer given how many different facets the internet has; as an educator peddling overly vetted Wikipedia pages, as an entertainer trapping you in an addictive web of picture galleries an …

Zen and the Art of Cable Management

If you feel stressed out either at work or at home, if you’re on edge all the time, if you experience anxiety attacks or bouts of paranoia; you should read the hugely popular cult novel Zen and the Art of Cable Management. What is Cable Management? The …

Printer Error 134335

Getting a printer error is one of the most frustrating aspects of home computing. Nowadays with smartphones and tablets there isn’t as much of a need to print thing such as movie tickets, hotel booking reservations or concert ticket confirmations, as y …

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