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Super Secret SuperGeek Skill Revealed

It’s no secret that SuperGeeks love everything and anything to do with computer repairs, however recently some of their other passions though have been revealed. These include but are no way limited to catfishing, rodent taxidermy and founding hammock …

When Computer Repair gets Extreme

Over the course of your life using computers, you’ve no doubt run into a few different problems. Most of those will have been small errors, such as a missing, yet integral desktop icon which can be easily fixed via a Google search. Every once in a whil …

Is Your Computer Really Slow?

When our computers begin to play up most of us are not in a position to figure out what’s wrong let alone fix it, but as with our own personal health issues no one can resist some good old fashion self diagnosis on the internet. Unfortunately it isn’t …

Power Surges: The Horror Story

Power surges are the bane of all electronics. They can indiscriminately destroy human survival staples such as: 56 inch 3D ready LCD TV’s with so many pixels there isn’t enough free time in the day to appreciate them all. Two door smart fridges that ar …

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